Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the precinct chairs, county chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer (if required).

Chairman: Lee Lee
Chaplain: Brad Barnard
Secretary: Mary Napps
Treasurer: Pamela Payne
EA: Donald Robinette

Precinct Chairs

Harrison County is divided into numerous voting precincts, each of which has a precinct chair to serve the people in that community.

Precinct 1: Bill Elliott
Precinct 2: Deloris Boyd
Precinct 3:
Precinct 4: Sherrie Arnold
Precinct 5: Dorothy Spencer
Precinct 6: Robert Bryan
Precinct 7: Martha Roberts
Precinct 8: Elton Brock
Precinct 9: Pamela Payne
Precinct 10:

Precinct 11:
Precinct 12: Robert Holland
Precinct 13: Jeff Kroyer
Precinct 14: Jack Fuzzy Harmon
Precinct 15: Patrick McGill                              Precinct 16: Bryan Degner
Precinct 17: Charlene Franks
Precinct 18:
Precinct 19: Mary Knapps
Precinct 20: Kathy Duskey
Precinct 21: Melanie Valdez
Precinct 22: Shelbie Chamberlin
Precinct 23: Brad Nixon
Precinct 24: Brad Barnard
Precinct 25: Paul Andy Wineinger
Precinct 26: Laurie Shelton